Milwaukee’s Westway Auto Body performs unibody repair with its Car-O-Liner unibody frame-straightening equipment and premium-quality welders. Most vehicles with a model year of 1980 or newer have a unibody construction, and fixing your damaged unibody vehicle takes technicians specially trained in unibody repair. Westway’s technicians are fully qualified to properly repair your unibody car, truck, or SUV to return it to its original (and safe) condition.

Unibody Construction for Fuel Efficiency

In the 1970s, the increases in gasoline prices prompted automakers to develop lighter-weight unibody construction for their vehicles with the goal of getting higher fuel efficiency. Unibody vehicles are made with relatively light but high-strength steel that is welded into a single (“uni”) unit or several major sections. Although unibody construction makes for a lighter vehicle, such vehicles are also more difficult to repair after collision damage compared to the old-style multiple-part vehicle bodies.

Detecting and Repairing Unibody Damage

In addition, it can also be harder to judge the extent of damage on a unibody vehicle. The exterior of the vehicle may look alright even when there is significant damage underneath. Part of an auto body technician’s training is to detect unibody damage in any form, which can affect the vehicle’s suspension, handling, tire wear, durability and safety if it is not accurately diagnosed and repaired properly.

Restoring Your Vehicle’s Handling and Safety

When your unibody vehicle is repaired at Milwaukee’s Westway Auto Body, it will be properly aligned and positioned, restoring the smooth and comfortable driving experience your vehicle was designed to provide. If portions of the frame must be replaced or torqued back into shape, we’ll take care of it. We will restore your vehicle to its pre-accident condition, or we’ll be straightforward in explaining to you if this level of repair is not possible.

Contact Westway’s Unibody Professionals

If your car, truck or SUV has a unibody construction and it has been damaged in a collision, bring it to the premier unibody professionals in Milwaukee — Westway Auto Body repair. Contact us today to discuss your vehicle’s needs.