spray-boothAt Westway Auto Body in Milwaukee, our state-of-the-art spray booth ensures a perfect finish for your vehicle.  From minor retouches to complete body makeovers, the paint professionals at Westway Auto Body will restore your vehicle’s finish to its original appearance—or better.

Spray Booth Technology

Spray booth technology is important for providing customers’ vehicles with the smoothest, most uniform and durable finish. Westway Auto Body stays up-to-date on the latest in spray booth technology to guarantee our customers’ full satisfaction with the final finish of their vehicle, which is always backed with a PPG warranty.

Exceptional Auto Body Painting

Professional auto body painting is truly an art, and our very experienced and committed paint professionals take each painting task very seriously. Even repairing a minor scrape or matching a small replacement part requires a perfect blending of color to match the vehicle’s existing color, and our computerized PPG paint-mixing system allows us to match your vehicle’s body color exactly.

The Entire Spectrum of Colors and Finishes

Every model year, the paint palettes of each automaker change. The spectrum of possible vehicles colors, color combinations and finishes is huge, but at Westway we have the ability to make sure that your vehicle looks the same as it did before it was damaged.

In & Out of the Spray Booth

After our auto body technicians have finished any necessary reconstructions, your vehicle heads to our paint shop for the paint/finishing process. Every vehicle has unique needs, and our body and paint technicians are happy to describe the detailed process that your vehicle will go through to achieve its final look. The process includes:

  • Masking non-paint areas
  • Sanding areas to be painted
  • Applying primer coats and corrosion protection
  • Mixing the exact shade of your vehicle
  • Applying the paint in the spray booth to prevent contaminants and dust
  • Applying trim, details, and decals where required
  • Installing new glass installation and performing wheel alignment when necessary
  • Cleaning the interior/exterior and buffing
  • Performing final inspection and quality check

At Westway Auto Body, Inc., bringing your vehicle back to its best appearance, safety and functioning is our core mission, and we do our best for every customer. Contact us today about your vehicle’s needs.