At Milwaukee’s Westway Auto Body repair facility, we put a high priority on our customers’ time and schedules, and we’re happy to arrange rental cars for our customers’ use when we’re working on their vehicles. Westway has arrangements with several highly regarded rental car agencies located near our facility, and these agencies provide both pick-up and drop-off service for customers at our shop.

In addition, for certain insurance claims and insurance policies, Westway can arrange to have the insurance company billed directly for the rental car, and you won’t even have to deal with the paperwork or hassle.

In many cases, we can even get a short-term loaner car for you if your vehicle will be undergoing extensive repair work.

Your Rental Car Needs

If you suspect that you’ll need a rental car while your vehicle is with Westway, give some thought now to whether:

  • there will be more than one driver of the rental car
  • you’ll need a child safety seat and/or infant safety seat, or booster seats for larger children
  • you want to request a no-smoking vehicle

Tips for Rental Car Use from the AAA

We’re happy to provide the following rental car tips for our customers, as endorsed by both the American Automobile Association and the American Car Rental Association, who urge drivers to use the tips as guidelines together with their own best judgment in any particular situation.

Do not stop on a roadway or shoulder and do not get out of your car if any of the following occurs:

  • your car is “bumped” from behind you
  • another driver tells you of problems with your car
  • your car is not functioning properly
  • someone on the roadside seems to need assistance
  • you see flashing white lights from a vehicle (lights on emergency vehicles in the U.S. are red / blue only)

If any of these situations occur, dial 911 for assistance if you can, or drive to the nearest public place to notify the police and request help.