ppg-paintFor all of our customers’ auto body repair needs, Westway uses a PPG Paint Mixing System that does the best paint matching in the auto body industry. This system provides thousands of paint colors that are custom mixed and tinted to match your vehicle’s color and finish exactly. PPG is the premium automotive paint and scratch-resistant clearcoat supplier in the world, and Westway’s PPG-certified paint technicians receive continual PPG system training and updates.

Computerized, Controlled and Quick

Westway’s PPG Paint Mixing System is computerized to create the perfect color formula that your vehicle needs, in a process that is controlled and quick — helping us get your vehicle back in service for you sooner. PPG’s systems also make sure to use environmentally-friendly products with a minimum of waste.

In addition, the PPG Paint Mixing System can match paint colors and finishes on older vehicles for which the manufacturer’s paint code is no longer available. If you’re curious about your vehicle’s color code, it is probably stamped on the body or on a sticker or decal. The location of the color code information varies with the automaker; some vehicle manufacturers put the color code information on the driver’s side door jamb, while others put it under the hood, near the radiator, or even around the spare tire.

Some automakers change the location of the color code now and then too. Your vehicle’s owner’s manual may show the color code location. When all else fails, the Westway paint pros can show you the color code, or match the color and finish without the code, thanks to the PPG Paint Mixing System.

PPG’s Paint Warranty

PPG guarantees the durability of any paint work performed to its certification standards for as long as you own your vehicle. This guarantee covers the areas of your vehicle which are refinished, beginning the day the vehicle is delivered from this certified shop back to you. It provides for the following:

  • peeling or delamination on the top coat and/or other layers of paint
  • cracking or checking
  • loss of gloss caused by cracking, checking or hazing
  • any paint failure caused by defective PPG automotive refinish products

Years of Auto Painting Experience

Westway has been using the PPG Paint Mixing System at Westway Auto Body for years, and our paint professionals have the skills and knowledge to make the most of this excellent tool. We have the PPG color/finish expertise to make your vehicle look its best, whether it has just a single scrape or needs a total body makeover.

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The skilled professionals at Milwaukee’s Westway Auto Body will restore your car, truck or SUV to its best appearance using the most advanced paint mixing technology—the PPG Paint Mixing System. To discuss your vehicle’s needs, contact ustoday.